Cheap Alternative to Keurig K-Cups

Love the convenience of Keurig’s K-Cup brewing system? But hate the cost and wastefulness of the disposable K-Cup? Well then, here is an alternative that will save you some money and reduce the impact on the environment.

It’s a small upfront investment, but if you are a regular coffee drinker, you’ll recoup the cost pretty quickly.  These self contained refillable filter cups will not only save you money but will let you drink your coffee of choice with the convenience of Keurig.  Just fill them with your coffee, place it in your machine, and brew as normal.  Clean up is  fast and easy.  There are a couple of highly rated options over at Amazon.  Check out the Ekobrew or the Solofill.


  1. Robert Grimes

    Do you use filters ? Will it work in all keurig machenes?

  2. Cheapifier

    Hey Robert,
    Filters aren’t needed. And yes, it will fit in any of the machines just like any of the traditional k-cups do.

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